A Million Reasons

This is Toria’s story. Toria spent the first 10 years of her life in hospital. This book talks about her early life and transition from an institutional life to fitting Into a family and learning how to make her way in s world. Toria‘s family were told that she would not live past 12 years old. In this story, you will see how there are many twist and turns in her life’e Path. But when she puts her life into the hands of the Creator, she soon finds that there are many things that she can do despite her disability. She now has a hope and a future.

The Chrysalis - Robin's Story

Robbie is a young woman with Spastic Cerebral Palsy. She has limited speech and spends most of her time in her wheelchair. So it appears to her that life is just passing her by and that there is nothing she can do about it. Robbie is involved in a tragic accident and while she is unconscious, she visits heaven. There, she is shown the path her life could take, giving her hope and a purpose. However this would mean that she would live the rest of her life as a disabled person. The Chrysalis is Robbie's journey from where she is like the catapillar, as she feeds off the goodness of others. Then the chrysalis,  where she learns her own worth and abilities, becoming an adult. Finally, she evolves into that beautiful butterfly that  she was always meant to be.

Undercover: Miss Speedy Wheels

This is the next book in Robbie's story. Here, she begins her research. In doing so, she begins to understand the hardships that sone people face as they struggle to live independent lives. Yet help comes from a very unusual place. Robbie takes on the task of helping her friends in trouble and helping to solve a murder. In doing so, she takes great strides to reach her own potential.